Macintosh IIsi


CPU: Motorola MC68030

CPU Speed: 20 MHz

FPU: 68882

Bus Speed: 20 MHz

Data Path: 32 bit

ROM: 512 kB

RAM Type: 30 pin SIMM

Minimum RAM Speed: 100 ns

Onboard RAM: 1 MB

RAM slots: 4

Maximum RAM: 65 MB

Level 1 Cache: 0.5 kB

Expansion Slots: 1 NuBus or PDS


VRAM: 64-320 kB (shared system RAM)

Max Resolution: 8 bit 640x480

Video Out: DB-15


Hard Drive: 40-80 MB

Floppy Drive: 1.4 MB SuperDrive


ADB: 1

Serial: 2


Audio Out: stereo 8 bit mini

Audio In: mono 8 bit mini

Speaker: mono

Microphone: mono


Codename: Oceanic, Ray Ban, Erickson, Raffica

Gestalt ID: 18

Power: 160 Watts

Dimensions: 4" H x 12.4" W x 14.9" D

Weight: 19 lbs.

Maximum OS: 7.6.1

Minimum OS: 6.0.7

Introduced: October 1990

Terminated: March 1993

The IIsi came in a streamlined case used only for this model. It was originally designed for a 25 MHz 68030 processor, but shipped at 20 MHz, so it wouldn't compete with the IIci. The IIsi included a microphone, and cost $3,800.