iMac Intel


CPU: Intel Core Duo

CPU Speed: 1.83/2.0 GHz (dual core)

FPU: integrated

Bus Speed: 667 MHz

Data Path: 64 bit


RAM Type: PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM

Minimum RAM Speed: 667 MHz

Onboard RAM: 0

RAM slots: 2

Maximum RAM: 2.0 GB

Level 1 Cache: 32 kB data, 32 kB instruction

Level 2 Cache: 2.0 MB on-chip, 1:1


Screen: 17/20" LCD

Video Card/Chipset: ATI Radeon X1600 (PCI Express)

VRAM: 128 MB (GDDR3)

Max Resolution: 24 bit 1440x900/1680x1050

Video Out: mini-DVI

Camera: iSight


Hard Drive: 160/250 GB 7200 RPM

ATA Bus: Serial-ATA

Optical Drive: 24x/24x/8x/8x/4x/2.4x CD-RW/DVD±RW/DVD+R DL


USB: 3 2.0

Firewire: 2

Audio Out: stereo/optical 16 bit mini

Audio In: stereo/optical 16 bit mini

Speaker: stereo

Microphone: mono


Ethernet: 10/100/1000Base-T

Airport Extreme: standard

Bluetooth: internal 2.0+EDR


Codename: ?

Gestalt ID: 406

Power: 180 Watts

Dimensions: 16.9" H x 16.8" W x 6.8" D

Weight: 15.5 lbs.

Maximum OS: 10.4.11

Minimum OS: 10.4.4

Introduced: January 2006

Terminated: September 2006


The 20" model had the following dimensions and weight: 18.6" H x 19.4" W x 7.4" D, 22 lbs. 256 MB of VRAM was available for both models as a BTO option.

Announced in January 2006 alongside the MacBook Pro, the iMac (Early 2006) was the first desktop Mac based on an Intel processor. Running on the Intel Core Duo processor, which had two processor cores on a single chip, the iMac (Early 2006) was significantly faster than its predecessor, the iMac (iSight), when running Intel-compiled code. It also features faster bus and memory speeds, a better graphics chip set, and a mini-DVI port which featured monitor spanning (a first for consumer Macs). It was available in two configurations: the 17" model, with a 1.83 GHz Core Duo processor was $1299, and the 20" model, running at 2.0 GHz, was $1699. The iMac (Early 2006) was discontinued in September 2006, following the release of the Core2 Duo-based iMac (Late 2006).