Macintosh Classic


CPU: Motorola MC68000

CPU Speed: 8 MHz

FPU: none

Bus Speed: 8 MHz

Data Path: 16 bit

ROM: 512 kB

RAM Type: 30 pin SIMM

Minimum RAM Speed: 120 ns

Onboard RAM: 1 MB

RAM slots: 2

Maximum RAM: 4 MB*


Monitor: 9" built-in

Max Resolution: 1 bit 512x342


Hard Drive: 40 MB

Floppy Drive: 1.4 MB SuperDrive



Speaker: 8 bit mono


Codename: XO

Gestalt ID: 17

Power: 76 Watts

Dimensions: 13.2" H x 9.7" W x 11.2" D

Weight: 16 lbs.

Maximum OS: 7.5.5

Minimum OS: 6.0.7

Introduced: October 1990

Terminated: September 1992


RAM expansion beyond 1 MB requires Macintosh Classic 1 MB Memory Expansion Card, which has 1 MB of additional RAM, and two SIMM connectors.

The Classic was more or less a reissue of the Mac Plus. It shipped in a newly designed case and had a large 512 kB ROM, from which it could boot. It also included the 1.4 MB "SuperDrive" floppy drive. Most found it extremely slow. It sold for $1500.