Apple /// & ///+


CPU: SynerTek 6502A

CPU Speed: 2 MHz

FPU: none

Bus Speed: 2 MHz

Data Path: 8 bit

ROM: 4 kB

Onboard RAM: 128 kB (256 kB in revised and IIIplus)

Maximum RAM: 256 kB

Expansion Slots: 4 proprietary (compatible w/ Apple II)


Max Resolution: 80x24 text, 1 bit (B&W) 590x192


Floppy Drive: built-in Shugart 143 kB 5.25"


Serial: optional expansion card

Speaker: mono


Codename: Sara

Introduced: June 1980

Terminated: 1985

The Apple /// was announced in June 1980. It contained a Synertek 8-bit 6502A processor which could run at speeds up to 2 MHz. It contained 128K of RAM and a 4K ROM. It could run most Apple II programs through emulation, and came with a sophisticated new operating system. It was the first Apple to include a built-in 5.25" disk drive, and hi-res graphics built-in to the motherboard. It was designed to be Apple's business offering, but sold very poorly. It sold initially for between $4,340 and $7,800, depending on the configuration. The original Apple III had many problems, and was replaced by a revised model in mid 1981, which featured 256K RAM, updated system software, and a lower price ($3495). A 5 MB external hard disk was also made available. The Apple /// sold very poorly and was replaced by the Apple ///+ ($2995) in Late 1983. The Apple ///+ was discontinued in 1985.