Apple //gs


CPU: Western Design Center 65SC816

CPU Speed: 2.8 MHz

FPU: integrated

Bus Speed: 1 MHz

Data Path: 16 bit

ROM: 128/256 kB

Onboard RAM: 256 kB

Maximum RAM: 8 MB


Max Resolution: 2 bit 640x200, 4 bit 320x200

Video Out: DB-25


Floppy Drive: 5.25" Disk ][ or 3.5" Sony 800 kB, via floppy port


ADB: 1

Serial: DB-19

SCSI: via expansion card

Speaker: mono


Codename: Cortland, Phoenix, Rambo, Gumby

Introduced: September 1986

Terminated: December 1992

The last member of the Apple // line, The Apple //gs was a also the most powerful. Announced in September 1986, the IIgs was built around a Western Design Center 65C816 processor running at either 2.8 or 1 MHz. It included expanded graphics and sound functions, and was initially offered with 256 kB of RAM, expandable to 8 MB. The IIgs also offered 128 kB of ROM, expandable to 1 MB. The //gs shipped with a Mac-like interface and a //gs-specific OS, and introduced the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port. (It also ran most other Apple // software.) The //gs was the first computer to include a Large Scale Integration (LSI) chip, designed by Steve Wozniak, and called the IWM (Integrated Woz Machine). The IIgs was later offered with 1 MB of RAM, and 256 kB of ROM. It could also hold a SCSI adapter card, and was discontinued in December of 1992. Many 3rd party refinements and expansions have been offered for the Apple //gs (including processor upgrades up to 18 MHz), and there is still a fairly large installed base.