Apple ][e


CPU: MOS Technology/SynerTek 6502

CPU Speed: 1 MHz

FPU: none

Bus Speed: 1 MHz

Data Path: 8 bit

ROM: 16 kB

Onboard RAM: 64 kB

RAM slots: expansion via 1st slot

Maximum RAM: 128 k, with Extended 80 Columns Card

Expansion Slots: 8 proprietary


Max Resolution: 40/80x24 text, 4-bit 40x48, 6 color 140x192, 4-bit 140x192, 1-bit 240x192, 1-bit 560x192


Floppy Drive: optional


Speaker: mono


Codename: Diana

Introduced: January 1983

Terminated: March 1985

Released in January 1983, The Apple ][e was to be one of the most successful Apple computers ever. It was based on the 6502 processor, which could run at 1.02 MHz. It came with 64K of RAM and a 32K ROM which included BASIC, an assembly language interface, and several other hard-coded options. The Apple ][e originally sold for $1,395, and was replaced in 1985 by an updated model. In 1984 the name was changed from Apple ][e to Apple //e, coinciding with the release of the Apple //c.