Apple ][


CPU: MOS Technology 6502

CPU Speed: 1 MHz

FPU: none

Bus Speed: 1 MHz

Data Path: 8 bit

ROM: 12 kB

RAM slots: 1st expansion slot can be used

Expansion Slots: 8 proprietary


Max Resolution: 6 color at 280x192, 4-bit color at 40x48


Floppy Drive: optional


Serial: optional expansion card

Speaker: mono


Codename: ?

Introduced: 1977

Terminated: 1980

Built in 1977, the Apple ][ was based on Wozniak's Apple I design, but with several additions. The first was the design of a plastic case--a rarity at the time--which was painted beige. The second was the ability to display color graphics--a holy grail in the industry. The Apple ][ also included a larger ROM, more expandable RAM (4K to start), and 8 expansion slots. It had integer BASIC hard-coded on the ROM for easier programming, and included two game paddles and a demo cassette for $1,298. In early 1978 Apple also released a disk drive for the machine, one of the most inexpensive available. The Apple ][ remained on the Apple product list until 1980. It was also repackaged in a black case and sold to educational markets by Bell & Howell.